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About us - the first LPG piped-in-gas operator in Discovery Bay since 1982 The development at Lantau Island has been tremendous in the past two decade. It has turned from a small fishing island into a major part of the Hong Kong's future development. Discovery Bay has also turned from a small seaside residential resort of merely three hundred households into one of Hong Kong's major property development with a population of well over 25,000 in the year 2000. The "Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) Piped-in-gas"" installation in Discovery Bay is now one of the largest in Hong Kong. San Hing (LPG) Co. Ltd., the first LPG piped-in-gas operator since 1982. Our company has inherited the unique business exposure on the sales and operations of a sizable "LPG piped-in-gas" within the island. With our strong LPG experiences in the operations of LPG piped-in-gas systems, we fully understood the utmost important of "safety" and its impact towards the operations of the piped-in-gas system. Certain parts of the LPG piping in Discovery Bay was installed some 30 years ago, we are fully familiar with the piping system at discovery bay into fine details both geographically and schematically. We believe this is a crucial factor in safeguarding the safety and integrity of the piped-in-gas system. We trust that we are the best tenders to be in a position to provide prompt assistance to Esso's technical staff if in case of emergency and any modification or maintenance program.

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San Hing (LPG) Co., Ltd.
Unit 18, 1/F., Office Bldg.,
Block 2, 96 Siena Ave, Discovery Bay, Lantau, Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2987 6738
Fax: +852 2987 9678


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